Want to know which are the most expensive cigars in the world? If you are a true cigar aficionado, you will probably love this list. All in all, this hobby is quite expensive and is generally reserved for mature men who enjoy the relaxation and taste of a fine cigar, as the average cigar is priced anywhere from $2 to $20 dollars. Naturally, the cigars on our list are more expensive than that, but we decided to stick to somewhat ‘regular’ cigars. In other words, we didn’t take into account collectable cigars, luxurious sticks infused with cognac, un-smokable giant habanos nor 600-year-old Mayan cigars. Although we kept it rather simple, that doesn’t mean that their quality is in any way inferior to the collectables; in fact, some of them are listed in the 2013 Top 25 for the Best Cigars of the Year, compiled by Cigar Aficionado. If you like living in luxury, and getting the best out of life and are willing to spend whatever is necessary to get it, then you should also check out our other “most expensive” countdowns, such as the one on The 14 Most Expensive Android Apps. After reading it you’ll surely get some ideas to keep your smartphone properly updated with the latest and fanciest apps in the market you could enjoy alongside your cigar.


Padrón Serie 1926 80 Years – Origin: Nicaragua – Price: $30 – Details: Released to honor the company’s founder, José Orlando Padrón, on his 80th birthday. You can buy a single cigar at your local shop or purchase a box of eight, beautifully packaged.


Cohiba Esplendido – Origin: Cuba – Price: $34 – Details: Manufactured by a Havana company founded in the 1960′s, this cigar comes in packs of three units or boxes of 25 cigars.


Stradivarius Churchill – Origin: Dominican Republic – Price: $34.70 – Details: Named after the best violins in the world and the British Prime Minister, this cigar is a mix of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Mexican tobaccos. It comes in a box of ten units.


Louixs – Origin: Nicaragua – Price: $50 – Details: Usually sold as a single stick, it is manufactured by the Goldwin Metropolitan Company. Named after a king, they are supposed to be one of the best cigars in the world; no wonder why they are the official brand of the Beverly Hills Club.


Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF – Origin: United States of America and Dominican Republic – Price: $55 – Details: Its name stands for Big Bad Mother F… well you can imagine the rest. This cigar apparently honors its name; otherwise it wouldn’t have such a high demand nor be so hard to get.


King of Denmark – Origin: Denmark – Price: $75 – Details: Only 30 cigars are made per day; they are usually made on order, as they come personalized with the client’s name on the wrapping. You can also ask for Swarovski crystals to be encrusted or a gold and silver crown for around $4,500.


Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario – Origin: United States of America and Dominican Republic – Price: $78 – Details: Created in 2001 but not released until 2008, it was created in memory of the company president’s father, Don Arturo Fuente. It is available in a 46-unit chest for around $7,500.


Arturo Fuente Opus X “A” – Origin: United States of America and Dominican Republic – Price: $79 – Details: The third Arturo Fuente cigar on our list is the priciest one of all. It is very rare in the market and sold only as a single stick.


Cohiba Behike – Origin: Cuba – Price: $470 – Details: Only 100 pieces were manufactured when it first hit the market in 2006 for the factory’s 40th anniversary. The most interesting fact is that all 4,000 cigars were single rolled by a Cuban lady named Norma.


Gurkha Black Dragon – Origin: Dominican Republic, Brazil, Ecuador, Nicaragua – Price: $1,150 – Details: Released in 2006, the Black Dragon is the most expensive cigar in the world. Gurkha, named after the people of Nepal, is a brand of hand-rolled cigars devoted to premium products packaged in artistically ornamented boxes and chests. In fact, Gurkha is famous for the His Majesty’s Reserve cigar; a very exclusive cigar infused with cognac and worth $25,000 a box. ( By Milgrados Valdez from )