BONITA’ By Ybá Design & Research


Ybá (designer Manuela Yamada) develops design projects guided by social-environmental responsibility. Following this responsible values, they come with an extremely clever solution: Botiá. Developed with 100% national technology and raw materials. It is made from coconut fiber and fine manioc flour, it is biocompatible, easily degradable and low cost. Easy to mold, it can be used for several purposes. Its main features are firmness, lightness, hydrosolubility, low environmental impact and mechanical resistance. At disposal it can be returned to the factory, because its hydrosolubility allows reuse; it can also be used as a vase to be buried in the ground with no environmental harm. This material was employed in the making of food packaging. With nature’s nests concept in mind the Botiá – nests for food – was created. This line aims at reducing loss that occurs during transportation. With this plywood a hard packaging is created which protects its contents against external impacts. The use of loose fiber inside avoids damages to the food. For more information, follow Yba’s facebook page at the link below.

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