WoW (Wonderful Water): The Water Purification System Able To Purify Any Kind Of Polluted Water (Even Radioactive) Without Any Filter


“WoW” is an invented method that is able to purify any kind of polluted water without any filter by Adriano Marin from Cross Technology – Italy. It eliminates any microbiological element as well as solid and liquid contaminants concentrating them. It was originally developed for humanitarian reasons. A prototype was realized and tested in order to prove method effectiveness. It is a very simple but efficient, unique and performing technology. This device is easy to be designed and produced and can be enlarged to a bigger scale and method is scalable to large water treatment plants.


WoW may also be applied to radioactive polluted waste water from nuclear facilities. In order to test and verify the performance of WoW for radioactive liquid waste treatment, stringent tests were performed by LENA (Applied Nuclear Energy Laboratory) at the University of Pavia, Italy. Those tests have been performed over a prolonged period of time under supervised and controlled conditions. The test results proved that WoW achieved an unheard level of abatement with a Decontamination Factor (DF) of 7,500 times for the radioactive isotopes of Cesium 134 and Cesium 137 which means that WoW efficiency of removal for radioactive waste was 99,986%.


Those impressive results open new possibilities for treating radioactive polluted liquids in general and for dealing with the nuclear disaster of Fukushima (Japan) in particular. A scaled up device could be quickly engineered and produced. Invention patent was registered and it is owned by Cross Technology. For more information, you can contact Adriano Marin at the link below the video.