WILD BUNCH & Co: The Ultra Premium 100% Organic Juice

WB&CO Juce

The juice is bottled in unique, premium containers and destined for luxury spas, catered events and high end bars. Match your organic juice with Square One Luxury Organic Vodka for a drink that will satisfy all your senses and your love for all things organic. Want to drink nothing but high-end juice? Some people do. Wild Bunch & Co. is the first company to produce and deliver 100% Organic Vegetable Juice for spas as the perfect complement to their variety of detox treatments. Wild Bunch & Co. recognizes a gap in the current offerings of the spa experience and realizes that customers expect to receive treatments and pampering beverages that are noteworthy. Spas currently deliver with their treatments a range of beverages that do not meet the same expectations. Today’s savvy customers demand 100% natural products for their body and the purest, freshest ingredients. For more information follow also the link below.

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