IO TILLETT WRIGHT: Fifty Shades Of Gay


iO Tillett Wright is an artist, director, photographer, writer, film maker, activist, and actor. Wright grew up in New York, and was a professional film and television actor for 18 years. At 18, Wright founded a street art magazine, Overspray, in which she served as founding Editor in Chief until 2009. As an actor, Wright appeared alongside Steve Buscemi, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, including a brief appearance on Sex And The City. Wright then became a featured columnist for T Magazine, at The New York Times. In addition, she had two regular blogs called Notes From The Underground—for which she reviewed underground performance—and The Lowdown.


Herproject Self Evident Truths examines Americans, asking them whether they are “other than straight”, and photographing respondents who self-evaluate themselves to be “Anything other than 100% straight”. To date she has photographed over 4,000 people in over 30 cities across the USA. What if most of us aren’t “gay” or “straight,” but somewhere in between?


iO Tillett Wright makes a passionate case for accepting the complexity of individuality without making anybody feel like a second-class citizen. If her words don’t persuade you, the images she shares just might.