MAUDE: How Architect Michael Mettler Reinvents The Bed

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When a client approached Mettler asking him to design a king-size bed, his first consideration was about overall proportion. From an aesthetic point of view, the industry standard for double beds is discomforting: It pends somewhere between a rectangle and a square, with neither a clear direction nor equilateral sides. By adding a shelf at both ends, Mettler extended the length of the bed as to give it a decisive orientation. At the same time, he reduced the hight of the frame to the bare minimum. The result is a wellshaped piece of furniture. Concealed feet raise it 5cm (2“) above the ground giving it a light apparence.

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The extended ends are furnished with removable panels. They can be placed either horizontally or vertically. A multitude of uses result from these options: When placed horizontally, the panels may hold a reading light, books and coffee cups. When inserted vertically, they form a recessed space into which backrests may be inserted. The backrests (or cushions) may be placed at any point: Placing them on opposing sides makes the perfect setup for brunch in bed. All parts of the bedstead maude – frame, supports, shelves and slats – are made of one sheet of 2cm thik rasin coated plywood. The bed is manufactured in Switzerland and it ships throughout the world. For more information do not hesitate to follow the link below. Also you can contact Michael at

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