ZURLO NY: The New High-End Leather Accessories Brand

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Inspired by the Italian word meaning “wild”, “unpredictable” and a “mad enthusiast”; ZURLO NY products adapt with ease to the unpredictable lifestyle of young urbanites. With a mad enthusiasm for great design, every inch of a ZURLO NY accessory is constructed with meticulous detail and has been carefully developed to give our customers the best user experience, all with a high fashion. Some of the unique features that set ZURLO NY apart are the one-of-a-kind fastenings, the exclusive and high-end Argentinean Nubuck leather, and the efficient, die-cut pattern design that allows the bags to expand, providing that extra space when needed the most. The design and development of the collection is focused on the flexibility of the accessories. The simplicity of the design allows users to easily understand the function and potential of the product. Just follow the link below, to get more information.


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