KOISHI & LAMAT: Geometric Jewellery, Handbag And Accessories By Ivana Damjanovic


It is rare to spot someone able to create a range of geometric forms for jewellery, handbag and accessories. Koishi and Lamat are two Serbian brands founded by Ivana Damjanovic, a Belgrade-based designer. Koishi offers a unique handmade jewellery, whereas Lamat is about handmade handbag and leather accessories such as belt and bracelet. Both brands items are stylish, spectacular sculptural and stunning. A minimalistic approach to giving new life to old materials. Wood and leather, two traditional materials, are processed in a traditional studio in a way that results in a contemporary form and simplicity of a modern design. Lamat’s “The Dark Bag Rises” collection is inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman “The Dark Knight” trilogy. “ My inspiration is in every day, the small things. Line from a song, a theme and a scene from the movie…it is very difficult to explain how a scene from the movie becomes a piece of jewellery or a bag, but it does. In my head, it all makes sense. The jewellery becomes reality when I make it reality. Koishi is handmade by me. I also wanted to produce the bags myself, but there is not enough time, or not enough me. Anyway I have found an excellent craftsman to bring my designs to life, which was difficult for me, because I am really crazy to work whit. A real pain in the ass. My standards have to be met, and trust me, that is not easy. But then again, customer enjoys all the benefits of that, and that makes it worth it”- says Ivana. For more information or to buy any of this beautiful products, just visit the link below.