ANILA QUAYYUM AGHA: Delicate Web Of Shadows With A Single Light Bulb


Winner of both the public and juried vote of artprize 2014, Pakistani artist Anila Quayyum Agha exercises the architecture of the Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan by infilling it with a dynamic interplay of shadow and light. ‘intersections’ comprises a 6.5-foot laser-cut wooden cube pierced with carefully crafted patterns and illuminated from the inside, which casts expansive, lace-like geometries onto the surrounding walls, ceiling and floor. ‘Intersections’ mirrors the geometrical patterning present in islamic sacred spaces, and is derived from the artists own experiences growing up in Pakistan. ‘The wooden frieze emulates a pattern from the alhambra, which was poised at the intersection of history, culture and art and was a place where islamic and western discourses, met and co-existed in harmony and served as a testament to the symbiosis of difference’, Guayyum Agha explains. ‘for me the familiarity of the space visited at the alhambra palace and the memories of another time and place from my past, coalesced in creating this project.’ ( Source: – Image © Artprize ) For more information or to get in touch with the artist, just follow the link below.