QIMINI: The Portable Battery Pack And Wireless Charger


Wireless charging is still a relatively new technology in the portable electronics arena, but it is rapidly gaining steam. As a result, plenty of companies are embracing it and making use of it in creative ways. Once such firm is Qimini, which is launching a wireless charging device called Deuce that also features its own battery packed in its tiny form factor, allowing it to charge devices without wires while on the go. Basically, the Deuce functions like any other wireless charger when plugged in. The user sets his or her device on top of it, and, thanks to the Qi wireless charging standard, power is transferred to the battery. It’s actually quite similar to a device developed by the firm last year called Pocket, which was, at the time, the thinnest wireless charging device on the market. Where Deuce breaks away from Pocket is the 2,000 mAh battery, capable of providing phones with somewhere in the area of a 50-percent charge (though the amount varies by device).


The team has added this extra feature while maintaining the same form factor, which should prove quite useful to people who want to carry the device around. The USB cable actually wraps around the device itself, allowing it to be tucked away when on the go. This seems like a smart design choice for a device that is focusing primarily on being as small as possible. However, the negative drawback there is that the cable is only 230 mm (9 in), so you will have to stay close the outlet or USB port. Of course, devices will need to be compatible with wireless charging in order to take advantage of the Deuce.


Devices without Qi support have the option of getting a Qi sticker adapter, or in the case of iPhone, a Qi-compatible case. The biggest difference between this, and other portable wireless chargers on the market is the size. For example, Bezalel’s ARK weighs in at 170 g (6 oz), and is 20 mm (0.8 in) thick. The Deuce, on the other hand, is lighter, coming with a weight of 110 g (3.9 oz) and a depth of 14 mm (0.5 in). However, the other trade off comes in the size of the battery, as the 2,000 mAh one offered by Deuce is quite a bit smaller than the 5,200 mAh unit offered by ARK. It comes down to priorities – smaller form-factor or larger battery capacity. The company expects to deliver the chargers in February 2015 if everything goes to plan. ( By Dave LeClair from Gizmag.com ) For more information, vistit the link below.