APOLLO8 COMMAND MODULE LIGHT By Gael Wuithier – Woodlabo

Inflight - Apollo 11 (MCC)

The NASA of the 1960s was the inspiration behind the universe of Woodlabo. The conquest of space was built on the same values we find in Woodlabo’s creations: meeting the challenge; practising the highest standards; savoir-faire, rigour, innovation and perseverance. Woodlabo’s lights were conceived from this need to dream and to make others dream. High-end and large scale, Woodlabo’s creations tell a story, a story about men and women who, their eyes fixed on the stars, never gave up on their dream to reach the unreachable. The lights created by Woodlabo remind us day after day of this absolute necessity. The experience began in September 2014 with the creation of the Apollo 8 Command Module light. Goldstone Deep Space and LM 5 Eagle are the next two creations. These 3 wooden lights were designed and made by Gaël Wuithier, the designer and administrator of Woodlabo. From 2015, other designers will be invited to join the Woodlabo universe. Gaël Wuithier lives in Finland and France. This artisan-designer has had an atypical career. Seven years itinerant training with a craftsman’s guild called Les Compagnons du Devoir provided him with a solid grounding in wood crafts in general and most especially in joinery. Wood became his favoured material. With this wide experience, he founded the Woodlabo workshop and developed a very individual style of production. For more information, just visit the link below.


Apollo 7 Mission,Florida