THE BULL’S EYE BIKE LIFT AND CARRY By Ukrainian Studio Aleksandr Mukomelov


The Bull’s Eye bike lift & carry is created for the city dwellers and allows to easily lift and to comfortably move the bicycle or an electric bicycle as if it is a shoulder bag. This device has a minimalistic, easily recognizable design and the compact dimensions. The high quality carrying sling length fixation mechanism provides the convenient use at any user’s height and the bicycle dimensions. A shackle for the fixation on the handlebar in the non operational state can be easily mounted on the device’s casing with the help of a silicon hook, situated close to the bottom. All the fixation and the automatic reeling control is carried out with the help of the button, situated on the device’s side.


The casing’s roundish forms make the device safe, for nothing can be hitched by them now. Besides that, they look splendidly and fit to any type of wheels. The Bull’s Eye is produced in several color solutions at the same time and you can choose a color of it by your own preference. Mukomelov’s Bike Lift and Carry can hold bicycles up to 31 kilograms, allowing cyclists to hoist their vehicle over their shoulder and free their hands. “It allows you to carry your bike while having one (or even two!) hands free, which simplifies opening doors to your house or office and other manoeuvres,” studio founder Aleksandr Mukomelov told Dezeen.


Using a steel mechanism, the strap unwinds like a queue divider from the cylindrical plastic case that bolts to the seat bar. The woven fabric belt extends to the handlebars and is secured by rolling the strap around the metal. A plastic hook on the end of the strap latches back over the material to keep it in place. The strap adjusts to accommodate for people of various heights and different bike sizes.


A button on the side of the case can be used to lock the length in place and to automatically recoil the strap away when the rider is ready to cycle again. The idea came from a Kiev resident who was tired of lifting his bike up the city’s steps when cycling around. “We were approached by Henry Teterin, who decided to launch a new product,” said Mukomelov. “He loves cycling and constantly travels around the Ukrainian capital Kiev, which has many hills and stairs.” The device is available in a range of colour combinations for the strap and case. ( Source: – Photo © Vera Uznichenko ) For more information or to get in touch with Aleksandr Mukomelov, just follow the link below.