LUCID DREAM: Urban Calligraphy By Simon Silaidis


“Lucid Dreaming” is an act of rebellion. The dreamer gains control over his actions and thoughts. The subconscious becomes conscious, dreams become a memory. Urban Calligraphy, as the term suggests is calligraphy under rural, urban and suburban surroundings, it is unique calligraphy that escapes from the ink in to the paper and the boring surroundings of a calligraphy lab and exposes itself in public places, abandoned buildings, the streets and all sorts of surfaces, using materials nobody would think they could be used. Simon is the man behind Urban Calligraphy, his subsidiary love for letters and his travels in all sorts of crazy places around the world to study calligraphy in its native environment is what gave him the vision and the initiative to explore and embrace this new aspect of calligraphy. Simon’s vision of a new world of calligraphy based in tranquility and symmetry dominating our surrounding is in fact the inner change he proposes to world. Sometimes, one man’s vision can make a difference and this man’s vision has given the sparkling start to a whole new aspect in art, gave birth to a new movement followed and acknowledged by a growing sum of people. Some may say he is a dreamer but hopefully he is not the only one. For more information or to get in touch with Simon, we invite you to follow the link below the video.