ORU KAYAK: Origami-Inspired Kayak That Folds Flat Into A Compact Carrying Case In Minutes

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If you’re squeezed for space in your tiny city apartment, chances are your beloved but bulky outdoor gear will be the first to go in the downsizing process. The folks at Oru Kayak, however, are hoping to change that with the launch of the world’s first origami-inspired flat-pack kayak. Weighing just shy of 25 pounds, the 12-foot-long lightweight and sturdy Oru Kayak folds down to a neat and compact package that can be slung over the shoulder for easy portability.


The fully functioning foldable boat includes an adjustable footrest, a foam seat, a rubber strap for accessories, skirt compatibility, and plenty of front and rear storage space. ( By Inhabitat.com ) Note: The Oru Kayak is now available for purchase for $1,195. For more information, we invite you to follow the link below.