LIGHT: The Shady Illusion Lamp By Yoy-Idea


We already write about this two cool Japanes designers in the past. Do you remember theyr project called “Canvas”  ( hanging canvas with a drawing of a chair that can be used by leaning against a wall… ? )This time they are back with this cool lamp. Simply called LIGHT, this lamp it brings new meaning to “throwin’ shade.” Flip it on and light shines through a finely cut hole to create the illusion of a classic lamp shade shape against your wall. Minimal with a touch of humor, it’s attractive, interesting and a total conversation starter! YOY is a Tokyo based design studio composed by Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and Yuki Yamamoto, a product designer. Founded in 2011, their design theme is to create a new story between space and objects.For more information or to get in touch with the guys at YOY, just follow the link below.