Y-3 QASA By Yohji Yamamoto For Adidas


Y-3 has always been known for creating progressive silhouettes and for merging function and fashion. The Qasa is definitely one of the more interesting silhouettes of the last few seasons. Upon its unveiling, it quickly became a so-called goth Ninja approved shoe. First and foremost, this is exactly the kind of style and design I would expect from the ongoing collaboration between adidas and Yohji Yamamoto. By spending so much money on a high-end Y-3 product, one would assume you expect not only quality materials but also some minimalistic uniqueness, which the Qasa definitely offers. These bad boys are simple and clean, but have a lot of nice details and unique design elements.


That’s also the reason why the Qasa has gotten so much more attention than any other recent style from this category. This is definitely one of those sneakers that looks much better on the foot than on the shelf, particularly the smaller sizes: they sometimes look pretty weird because the thickness of the midsole makes the shoe looks disproportional, especially with the low-cut versions. The tooling/outsole reminds me of something like a hovercraft and doesn’t exactly look too comfortable at first. But just as with the look, they’re amazing once they’re on the foot and are super comfortable.


The flexzones in the forefoot are on point and provide proper fit. With the high lacing and the small number of eyelets, the vamp might look a bit too long. But if we look at the vertical overlay, we see that the leather on the lower part, the neoprene straps on the mid part, and the thicker outdoor-inspired laces balance out the long vamp.


The front piece in the forefoot printed with Yohji Yamamoto on it came off after wearing them several times.  The Qasa is more for someone who appreciates hidden and unique details that are explored through using the product. While previous assessments of the Qasa often drew comparisons to a ninja aesthetic, the new Qasa High is even further along those lines.


The Qasa High retains its sock-like fit with the use of neoprene, but opts for bands of synthetic fabric encasing the foot rather than the cage-like upper of last season. This first glance also shows an entirely black colorway, with waxed laces, rear branding, and a leather panel on the heel to comprise several notable details. The unique boat sole also contributes to the unique silhouette of the Qasa, while providing ultimate levels of comfort. ( Source: Hypebeast.com ) For more information, we invite you to visit the link below.