PORT X: The Modular Home For Land & Sea


Czech architecture firm Atelier SAD recently unveiled an interesting modular prefab home that can either be installed on the ground like a normal home, or float on the water like a (non-motorized) houseboat. Dubbed Port X, the unusual dwelling comes in several sizes, can be expanded upon to increase living space if needed, and operates either on or off-grid. The interior of Port X features larch wood floors, walls, ceilings and terrace, and the rooms are divided with plasterboard walls. There’s built-in cabinets in the hallway and bedrooms, and a well-stocked kitchen that includes hob, sink, refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher. Opening and fixed windows (none of which face the shore) combine with skylights to offer natural lighting, while LEDs offer electric lighting. Choice is definitely the watchword here, and Port X comes in several easily configurable sizes, thanks to the unit’s construction from several prefabricated C-shaped modules. The smaller three-module Port X has a usable floorspace of 50 sq m (538 sq ft) including terrace, and is intended for a single person. The five-module version, meanwhile, has 78 sq m (839 sq ft) plus terrace, and is said to be ample to shelter a family in comfort. Should the family in question grow, more modules can be attached as required. There’s also business-ready Port X units, including a mammoth 10-module version that is envisioned as a showroom or exhibition space. Each configuration can be purchased as either a houseboat-ready or land-based version, so landlubbers need not shell out the extra cash required for the separate pontoon base which makes the house float. When docked, access to the floating house is gained via a footbridge. Additional options include solar panels and wind turbines to allow occupants to operate off-grid if desired. Atelier SAD also states that the the home is relatively easy to disassemble and move to another location. Until recently, the first prototype Port X was installed on the banks of Prague’s Vltava River, though it is still available in Prague for viewing. A company rep informed us that units are available for purchase now, with delivery expected to take around six months.The land-based Port X starts at €164,000 (US$225,000), while the houseboat unit will set you back from €181,000 ($248,000), depending on options. ( By Adam Williams from gizmag.com ) For more information, we invite you to visit the link below.

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