FUNDAWEAR: The Future Of Foreplay ?


Condom maker Durex recently announced the Fundawear experiment, promising the most fun you can have with your clothes on and to bring the ‘future of foreplay’ to our world today. Fundawaer, in other words, is vibrating underwear controlled by an iPhone app. “A truly revolutionary way to conduct a long distance relationship, we have created this site to give you the latest news on its development and allow you to post reviews on your use of Fundawear when it becomes available.”


How does Durex Fundawear work? So what is the technology behind Durex Fundawear? It is still early days and we haven’t yet been able to look at the product in more detail or use it, but Durex Australia, the innovators of the Fundawear have published the following video explaining a bit of the tech behind the Fundawear.




Essentially it appears that the Durex fundawear is operated by an array of vibrating motors embedded in the bra and panties and boxer shorts of the product. The vibrators are the kind that are used in mobile phones which give you a little ‘thump’ or feedback when you touch the screen.



These are then remote controlled by your phone. The phone of yourself and your partner appear to be connected via an amazon cloud based server. The video doesn’t go into specifics about how your phone connects to the fundawear, however, although we could imagine that bluetooth might play a role.