KLAPP: Further Than A Folding Chair By Atelier Steffen Kehrle For Italian Manufacturer Area Declic


Its unique design, thanks to the characteristic twist, allows to insert the back directly on the legs, which makes the chair very stable and allows to fold it in a minimum of space. Seat and backrest can be of plastic or wood, in many combinations of colours and finishings. The legs are made of extruded aluminium with a section designed especially for Area Declic. Comfortable, easily foldable, and lightweight. The apparent simplicity is the distillate of the collaboration between the young German designer, who has invented a characteristic form with elementary means, and Area Declic, an Italian company which thinks that functionality and innovation are the must for a successful product. “The first impression is to look at something more than just a chair, and also something more than a momentarily folded chair.” – says the designer Steffen Kehrle. Known for its ability to open new perspectives to the ordinary and familiar, in this project he has succeeded in giving a change of direction  to a difficult typology such the folding chairs: not only an emergency chair but a beautiful chair which can fit anywhere. Steffen Kehrle studied industrial design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Paolo Piva, Borek Šípek, Ross Lovegrove and Hartmut Esslinger.  For more information on this chair or to get in touch with Steffen, we invite you to follow the links below.