LUMINOGLOW: The Sexy Glow In The Dark Lingerie


The Australian lingerie makers behind Luminoglow are expanding shipments of their glow in the dark undies to the U.S. Your first instinct is probably to lump glowing underwear with other bedroom novelties like fuzzy handcuffs or sex position dice, but hold your judgments. The lacy lingerie is actually pretty damn sexy. The company is currently offering four classic styles including a triangle bra, g-string, bikini style bottoms with tie sides, and a babydoll teddy. So if you are looking for something new and fun to try in the bedroom, or if your man has a hard time finding your vagina in the dark, light up those lady bits. Check out these radiant pieces from Luminoglow’s site at the link below.



bra 3

bra 2

bra 1