THISISPAPER: The Contemporary Polish Magazine


Based in Warsaw, Poland, Thisispaper is an interdisciplinary publication that launched with a focus on showcasing high quality, creative content. While featuring a wide range of visual arts subjects such as architecture, design, fashion, photography, and more, Thisispaper maintains a cohesive feel. Zuzanna Gasior, the Managing Editor for Thisispaper, explains their beginnings, “It soon turned out that there was a common denominator for all the projects we showcased: they are timeless, harmonious, subtle, and often very minimalist.” As an editorial team, they find particular joy in learning and appreciating the creative process of an artist’s work, being mindful of the thought and effort put into each artifact.


The team behind Thisispaper is not only dedicated to presenting the latest works of distinguished artists, but they take pride in introducing their readers to new creatives deserving of recognition. Each work they shed light on is chosen in a subjective manner rather than with a measured process, leaning towards pieces that draw them in on a personal level.


“When we look at a project, we think about its form and context and wonder how much work had gone into creating the piece. Each project makes its own statement. What we look for in this statement is the human factor, manual work, emotion, distinctive character and good taste. The selection we make is really subjective; we’re often guided by intuition and emotions.


In a nutshell, Thisispaper is a reflection of our utopia – we post architecture we’d like to move into, products we’d like to use, fashion we’d like to wear and so on. Thisispaper is the world we long for.” Inspired by all the quality works they have curated, Thisispaper eventually launched their own product line, which reflects the harmonious tangibility and lasting form they strive for.


Going back to basics, Thisispaper Shop carries a few select everyday items that they have carefully designed and handcrafted. Their first printed publication, The Inaugural Issue, is one of the shop’s latest offerings and allowed them to combine their love for paper and the art of printing. For more information, to buy the magazine and the goods they produce, we invite you to follow the link below.