NOMADIA PROJECT: A Giant Ship/Floating Island By Sylvain Viau


Nomadia project is actually a giant ship project large enough that you can call it floating island. This ship is meant to be safely moored in particular interest (history, culture, leisure, business center, etc.) for long periods of time, therefore, Nomadia has been designed as a giant platform with ability to accommodate up to 3000 guests in comfort and luxury. There’s a marina integrated on the aft. side that is able to shelter yachts, sailing boats, or other exploring submersibles. Guests can enjoy swimming in a large pool and at each side of it, there are bathing areas. Stairways are used to access the main deck and living places, bordered each side by long galleries with restaurants, ships, and other entertainment places.


One of essential aspects of this project is to integrate self-sufficient system of electric power generated from ocean swell using floating structures into funnels, integrated into the heart of Nomadia. This advanced system generates some parts of the electric power required to live onboard during static period of time, when this ship is anchored.



Ocean’s waves are directed to generators, then to structural funnels, and finally released out of Nomadia. During sailing, ballasts are achieved by bleeding air system, thus, Nomadia will be dramatically raised up with draught reduce from 20m to 11m. The main structure of this ship becomes highly visible, emerging above waterline. It is possible to sail at low speed during transit at new interesting place.



Propulsion is ensured by a set of conventional azimuthal and retractable pods. General arrangement is organized around a main covered alleyway, surrounded by accommodations places on 2 or 3 decks. The main center place features a beautiful pool with waterfall, but should be designed on a completely different way according to the purpose and the philosophy applied to the ship.



Looking forward, there’s a big structure overhanging the bow: wheelhouse on lower level, panoramic restaurant on mid-level, and on top an open deck area with a complete vision all of Nomadia. ( © ) For more information, follow the link below.