PINTOFEED: Feed Your Pet Remotely Using Your Smartphone


Being away from home doesn’t mean you have to neglect your pet. Thanks to the internet, you can play with them remotely and now you can feed them remotely, too. Pintofeed, Inc of Pasadena, California has developed a wireless pet feeder that you can control from your iOS or Android smartphone, so Fido or Mr. Tibbles never has to miss a meal. The feeder, not surprisingly called Pintofeed, is much more than one of those “bowl hooked to an alarm clock” affairs that have been around since the 1930s.


It not only dispenses food either on schedule or by phone command, it also monitors your pet and sends alerts as text, email, Facebook or Twitter messages that report on feeding start times, amount of food dispensed, portion consumed and feeding end time.


Using a “sophisticated set of sensors and artificial intelligence,” the Pintofeed uses the information it collects to create feeding schedules and monitor food intake and nutritional habits. Made of high-impact plastic and holding up to ten pounds (4.53 kg) of dry food, the Pintofeed has self-diagnostic capability, two motors for built-in redundancy, AC power with battery back up and it can even vibrate to unjam itself.


The company says that it has completed development and is now raising money on Indiegogo for putting the Pintofeed into production. The video below explains the features of the Pintofeed. ( By David Szondy from ) Get more information at the link below.