DUBBED NOVEL: The Folding Electric Kettle


A foldable kettle might not be what you would call a life changing gadget but it could be a great travel companion for tea and coffee lovers. Industrial designer Stanislav Sabo must be a fan of hot beverages, as he’s created a portable electric kettle concept which in his words is small enough to “put in the back pocket of your trousers.” Dubbed Novel, the foldable kettle is made from a unique heatproof plastic which is lined with 100 percent silicone. The plastic can be heated to boiling point without any problem, while the silicone allows the kettle to fold in and out of shape. The kettle folds flat to easily slide into a laptop case or weekend bag and comes with a bayonet adapter, allowing it to be plugged into normal wall sockets. The Novel also features magnetic fasteners click the lid and base into place when in use. The magnets also help minimize the size of the kettle when it has been folded down, keeping it flat and secure when on the move. The Novel Kettle was selected to be part of the Behance Student Show, which showcases a series of works by creative student designers. ( By Bridget Borgobello from www.gizmag.com ) For more information follow the link below.