CHOBICAM: The World Smallest Night Vision Camera


JTT has released what looks to be the smallest consumer night vision camera in existence. About the size of your typical CF card, the CHOBi CAM 3 can snap 11MP photos and take 1080p video for up to 120 minutes on a charge — and it does it all in the dark. The night vision capabilities come courtesy of 5 infrared LEDs that light up the night for the camera’s sensor without doing anything for your eyes. And the 2 hours worth of stills or footage you’ll be able to capture will be stored on a microSDHC card (up to 32GB).


As you can tell, the range of your night vision capability is only about 3 feet, but the quality is still surprisingly good for something so ridiculously small. And since it’ll only set you back about $54, you’re not likely to find a cheaper, or more portable, alternative.  Here’s a short sample video that shows off the camera’s capabilities. For more information follow the link below.