FUMNE: The Italian Jail-Made Fashion Brand


Lacasadipinocchio ( Pinocchio’s House )  is a Cultural Association that launched a handicraft workshop for a group of female inmates of the Lorusso e Cutugno detention centre of Turin in November 2008. The workshop is intended to encourage the inmates, aged between 25 and 55, of different nationality and all regularly hired, to express their creativity in the external environment. Particular emphasis is laid on the intimate personal sphere of the women in order to activate creative and transformation techniques that facilitate the experience of change. The main brief of the Association and its members is attention to and respect for each individual.


A year ago, lacasadipinocchio initiated an innovative process of reconciliation with civil society, of high training impact, dubbed Fumnelab, under the patronage of the Region of Piedmont, the Province and Comune of Turin and recognised by the Ministry of Justice and the Department of Prison Administration. For two days of work per month, the prison of Turin open its doors to free women wishing to learn new manual techniques, inviting them to spend a day with the female inmates who then come their teachers.


The main aim of the project, unique in Italy, is to create an effective link between women in and out of prison. Fumne, an ethical, socially-oriented brand launched by lacasadipinocchio and distributed at various high prestige sales points, made its debut in December 2010. Fumne, which means “Women”, aims to promote a different vision within the world of fashion. Each accessory conveys a message of respect of human rights, justice, sharing, legality and eco-awareness to the purchaser.


The accessories of the Fumne collection are created by the skilled hands of female inmates, thus contributing to restoring their dignity, to alleviating suffering and stimulating confidence and hope in the future. Each garment is embellished with handcrafted textile decorations and is, therefore, unique. For more information or to get in touch with this Association, we invite you to follow the link below.