THE SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR: Will Someone Please Design One That Doesn’t Suck ?


The Galaxy Gear has been leaked, rumored, and talked about for months now, it’s finally here. Well, it exists… Before the announcement a lot of renderings appeared in the Web and everybody imagined this Gear as something “spectacular”. Something revolutionary, that will help Samsung to win against Apple in terms of technology and style.



But unfortunately this time too, Samsung is and probably will remain in this segment a “consumer electronics” manufacturer and not a “high-end” one. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is the most advanced “smartwatch” to date, but that’s because only a small handful of these devices have been commercially available, and none have been spectacular.


The watch doesn’t appear to have any unique function. It’s just mimicking the functions of a smartphone to lesser effect. The watch isn’t as big and ungainly as you might expect, but it isn’t particularly minimal either. And it’s pretty ugly fitting in with the majority of Samsung’s other products. In the website , Alexander Thomas shows you a short history of Wrist Phones in the past years. He agree too that this devices design suck.


Do Samsung staff read this information before to build their “innovative” Gear ?  What about the next iWatch from Apple ? Will suck too? After Job’s era, the risk is really high. But let’s hope that the guys in Apple will pay attention on Samsung’s experience and will come out with a really good design of this kind of devices. Maybe a cooperation with a professional designer like Philipe Starck  can be useful. See the cool watches designed by him for Fossil… Since years now, we are waiting to have a concrete possibility to take out our huge mobile phones from the pockets and place them directly on our wrist. And we are ready to pay for that a lot of money…except if the design don’t suck like this one.