PASSION HOUSE M1: A Prefab Home Built To Handle Nordic Climes By Architect11


Estonian design firm Architect 11 has unveiled a new prototype modular housing unit, dubbed Passion House M1. Intended to be the first (and smallest) in a series of forthcoming similar structures, Passion House M1 can be assembled within a couple of days, and is billed as a suitable home for Nordic regions. Passion House M1 could serve as guesthouse, summer cottage, beach house, or primary home. The one-bedroom prefab unit is delivered with furniture already installed, and features modern amenities like a shower, kitchen, and even optional sauna. The house is constructed primarily from wood, with internal walls built from cross-laminated timber panels, and an outer stone facade. Mineral wool insulation helps keep out the elements, and the home includes a fully automated ventilation system. Architect 11 promotes Passion House M1 as being more like a traditional stone house, rather than a flimsy prefab build, and the firm reckons the home’s low energy usage, coupled with an ability to handle heavy snow loads, makes it an ideal fit for Nordic countries – and presumably anywhere else with a similar climate. We’ve heard conflicting reports over some of Passion House M1’s finer details, including its dimensions, so have contacted Architect 11 for clarification. ( By Adam Williams from ) For more information or to get in touch with the architects, just follow the link below.