SEND ME TO HEAVEN ( S.M.T.H.) APP: Test How High You Can Throw Your Phone


Description: S.M.T.H. (Send Me To Heaven) is a sport game. Player throws his phone as high as he can. The higher, the better. The phone registers the height and uploads result to leader boards. World Top 10, Week Top 10 and Day Top 10 lists are available. Hints: Be careful not to injure yourself or others. Be always aware that there is enough space above you and around you. Do some training to learn right skills to get best results. Switch on GPS on your phone and allow the App to use location to be able to take part in local competitions. Known issues: Game works only on ARMv7 phones. Some phones show wrong results (usually 0 meters) when they rotate. Warning: Author and distributor of S.M.T.H. is not liable for any damages or injuries arising out of playing the S.M.T.H. game. (Copyright © 2012 – 2013 Petr Svarovsky)


That’s the idea behind “Send Me to Heaven,” a new mobile “sport game” whose main objective involves hurling your phone as high into the air as humanly possible. Apparently, the idea of chucking a handheld device that costs more than a month’s rent towards the heavens for the purpose of “fun” was too much for Apple, and, according to the game’s developers, the company rejected it before it ever had the chance to enter the iOS App Store and send so many chamfered edges rocketing towards the celestial bodies. 


As Apple reportedly put it to the developers, “Send Me to Heaven” was rejected for “encouraging behavior that could result in damage to the user’s device.” In the post-“Jackass” era, that’s practically a sales pitch. Luckily enough for Android phone owners who still wish to void their warranty, “Send Me to Heaven” is available for free on Google Play. Yes, this game is free to play. I think I finally understand what my economics professor meant when he kept saying “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”

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To the game’s credit, however, the “scoring” system monitors exactly how high the phone goes, thereby turning “Send Me to Heaven” into what theoretically sounds like a high-altitude game of chicken. All the players compete to see who’s willing to take the risk to chuck their phone the extra ten feet to get a high score (no pun intended).


I’d just really prefer not to be the guy who loses — or the one who wins, for that matter. Watch “Send Me to Heaven” in action in the trailer below, and take another look at your phone’s warranty while you’re at it. ( By Yannick LeJacq from ) Join S.M.T.H. on Facebook at the link below.