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Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit, this is one creative before and after maternity photo. Photographer Sandra Bianco took the “before” shot of Keila June when she was 35 weeks pregnant, which is only 5 weeks shy of the typical 40 week pregnancy. Inspired by an image taken by photographer Tina Boyd of a soon-to-be mother lying seductively on the beach (this one?), Keila decided to recreate the topless shot. Of course, the most interesting part, is the “after shot.” Keila went one step further than most by taking the same photo two weeks after her son, Jaydon, was born. Though the photo was taken on a different beach, the pose was the same as little Jaydon was placed in a similar spot he would be lying in if he was still inside his mother. ” Photographer Sandra Bianco came over every other day after we got home from the hospital and encouraged me to take his newborn photos…We took Jaydon to the beach for a few shots, and we thought why not do this one over with him…”


If you were ever wondering how a baby is formed, Quebec-based photographer Patrice Laroche has created a easy-to-follow, almost instructional, series of photos. Of course, it’s only a joke! Laroche and the soon-to-be-mother of his child, Sandra Denis, found a humorous and creative way to share their joyous journey into parenthood with friends and family. The couple proudly presents a carefully plotted 9-month long process as Denis’ belly swelled, leaving the pregnant woman to strip with the changing seasons. While some people on reddit are critical of minor continuity issues like the disappearance of the father-to-be’s sunglasses between the third and fourth frame, we’ve got to give it up to these diligent parents. They’ve managed to create a fun and entertaining series to put a smile on our faces while uniquely celebrating the birth of their beautiful daughter, Justine. ( By Alice from ) For more information or to get in touch with the photographers,  follow the links below.

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