MILESTONE: A One-And-Only Bicycle Stand

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Utilising blocks of stone, we will carve slits in the stone that perfectly match and hold the user’s bike. Reflecting on the recent trend to park our bicycles inside our house, we have designed and created our stone bicycle stand, “MILESTONE.” Practicle and sturdy, this product transcends categorisation of any kind — neither as sculpture or an object of nature. Connecting the indoors and outdoors, it serves as a buffer to blend your bicycle inside your room. The slits carved in solid stone will hold memories of you with your bike. Design project MILE is formed by acoustic engineer, Bandai Matsuo, software engineer, Kentaro Kai and interior designer, Kozo Shimoyama. As like the proverb “Three heads are better than one” (the Chinese character for “MILE” can be read as “san” meaning three in Japanese), the trio are expanding their design activities, fully utilising each member’s specialty. Incorporating humor-filled storytelling in their ideas and design, they create products that plesantly link people, objects and space. For more information, to buy this product or to get in touch with the designers, just follow the links below.

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