THE CORAVIN 1000 SYSTEM: Pours Wine Without Having To Open The Bottle


Drinking win can sometimes be a hassle since uncorking it can take a while (especially if you don’t have a good corkscrew). Well the new Coravin 1000 system takes the hassle out of enjoying your favorite bottle of vino since it requires no uncorking! Yup, you can simply pour the wine into your wine glass without ever having to open it. So how is this possible you must be wondering? The innovative Coravin Wine Access System uses a thin needle to pierce corks that are still in a bottle of wine.


The device also eliminates oxygen from the outside getting into the bottle, which puts a time limit on when the wine should be enjoyed (but you already knew that if you’re a wine enthusiast). Thanks to this wine preservation system with a pour spout, you can enjoy the bottle longer without sacrificing its taste. So how is this done?


The device simply clamps on to a bottle and its needle is then inserted through the cork by just pushing down on it. Then Argon is introduced into the bottle via the needle, resulting in pressurization forces out  of the wine and into the glass. Absolutely no oxygen is allowed in, and the needle is so small that the cork naturally seals itself when the needle is removed. Enjoy your wine longer and never uncork with the Coravin 1000 System for $299. ( By  Kristie Bertucci from ) For more information, visit the link below.