THE VITEO SHOWER: Turns Outdoor Showering Upside-Down


In countries where scorching summers are par for the course they’re a common sight, but require plumbing and a dedicated space. The Viteo Shower avoids both these problems by literally turning the outdoor shower design on its head.The Viteo Shower is a portable outdoor shower unit designed by Danny Venlet that features a simple base made from a mix of non-slip plastic  and stainless steel.


Once placed in a suitable position, the user connects the Viteo Shower to the mains water supply via a hosepipe. With the water turned on and under pressure (a minimum of 2 bar is required), they then simply step onto the non-slip base to start the shower running. The Viteo Shower pushes water up through nozzles positioned around the outer edge of the circular base, with the water streams rising to a height of up to 4 m (13 ft) before falling down on the user standing in the middle of the device. It’s simple to set up, and requires nothing more than a piece of flat ground, a hosepipe, and a mains water supply.


The pressure-sensitive method of operation also keeps moving parts to a minimum. You could, of course, just buy a sprinkler attachment, position it in the middle of your lawn, and enjoy a similar upside-down shower experience while watering the lawn at the same time. But I suspect Venlet is targeting a more mature consumer with his shower. The Viteo Shower is priced at €625 (US$830) not including VAT or shipping. The video below may look like the start of a soft porn film… but it briefly shows the Viteo Shower in operation. ( By Dave Parrack from ) For more infromation, follow also the link below.