MUZIK: The Socially Connected Headphones

Schermata 2013-08-02 a 08.30.22

Generally, when we think of advancements in the headphone space, we think of better noise cancellation, improved sound depth, and the like. Well, a new company called MUZIK is aiming to push the market forward, but not in the traditional way. Instead, it’s launching a line of connected headphones that allows users to share what they are listening to with the touch of a button. The headphones feature four touch buttons on the ear, each of which coincides to a different function. Pressing the front one posts the song to Facebook, the rear shares with Twitter, the bottom shares with MUZIK’s own network and the top saves songs to a playlist. It’s actually quite similar to the way we use smartphones to share photos through services like Instagram, but with music as the medium. The device connects to a smartphone through Bluetooth, which is how it is able to wirelessly play music from services like Spotify and Rdio