Going to an electronic music show can be a great experience if you really love the artist, but if you’re there to see a thrilling performance you might be disappointed. Most digital musicians talented though they may be, don’t really move around much on stage during a live show. Noticing this Wesley Chau created a wearable drum machine called Drop the Beat that looks a bit like a bullet-proof vest. Hitting it in different places allows different sounds to play, much like a standard electronic drum machine. The main difference, of course, is that the performer gets to move around, interact with the audience and create a performance that is wholly unique each and every time.

As Chau encourages other people to use his vest and get the beats dropping left and right, he is amazed at the different interpretations come up with by different users. He hopes to get DJs and musicians into the vest to give it a shot. Who knows – some day musical clothing could be the norm and we’ll all walk down the street playing our own personal theme songs. ( 5elected from ) For more information go to visit the link after the video.