4 CASAS By Gaeta Springall Architects

On the side of a steep cliff in Mexico City, these two tower homes stand tall. Built by Gaeta Springall Architects, the two towers are built on steel supports. Each tower houses two homes, separated horizontally by a central balcony. The short ends of each building feature floor-to-ceiling glass, allowing for stunning views of the spectacular landscape. Supported by thin steel beams, the concrete structures look rather precariously balanced. They are anchored deep in the ground, however, and allow for the exhilarating feeling of floating while being completely stable. The stacked buildings also feature smaller slit windows on the long sides, allowing for even more sunlight to reach into the homes. The project, appropriately called 4 Casas, encompasses the benefits of living in a detached home with the benefits – and neighborly closeness. For more information we invite you to follow the link bellow.