MASAKO MITSUTANI : The Japan’s Lady Of Eternal Youth

With the extensive use of Photoshop and other editing software, it’s extremely difficult to tell the difference between real and fake these days. But if the photographs of this Japanese model are to be believed, then she couldn’t be a day over 20. Believe it or not, Masako Mizutani’s real age is 43, and she’s a mother of two. Her age-defying looks have become a sensation in Japan, especially on TV. She’s being called ‘Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth’. Now, I’ve always felt that Asians, especially the Japanese, have beautiful skin that doesn’t seem to age very much. Even so, Masako clearly stands out from the rest of her countrymen. In the pictures, her skin looks unbelievably soft, supple and practically flawless. During her TV appearances last month, Masako revealed a few of her beauty secrets to the world.

She supposedly spends five hours a day just taking care of her skin. Her tips include: drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins, eating a fresh, healthy and balanced diet, using vitamin E based creams, sunscreen, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, plenty of sleep and no smoking. Well, to tell you the truth, these tips are generic beauty advice that’s being dished out ever since we can remember. Unless she has some other secrets, they seem to be doing wonders in her case.

Masako is stunningly beautiful. Her goddess-like appearance and smart style have enchanted people across Japan. She became an instant celebrity in 2009 after appearing on a Japanese television variety program where she shared the secrets of her age-defying looks. Now it seems like her beauty has led her to a big international break.

After being introduced on a Taiwanese news site, images of Masako Mizutani began appearing on Chinese microblogging sites as “Japan’s Lady of Eternal Youth,” and soon her popularity in the country exploded to the point where a Chinese fan-made blog about her has reached over 10,000 followers.

However, it seems that upon hearing the secret to her eternally young visage—spending roughly 5 hours a day on skin care and makeup—some Chinese internet users were turned off, citing the peculiarly popular-in-China Helena Rubenstein quote: “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.” For more information or to get in touch with Masako, follow the link bellow.