SURFORWRD + MEYERHOFFER : Thomas Meyerhoffer’s Collection For Isaora

Designer Thomas Meyerhoffer has lent his skills to a number of influential names, Porsche, Apple and IDEO included. His latest project, SURFORWRD sees him team up with technical brand Isaora. Living by the beach in California, Meyerhoffer brings his knowledge of surf and surfwear into play, describing the project as a middle space between his west coast lifestyle and Isaora’s New York, city based aesthetic. Featuring a hoodie, sweatshirt, tees, trousers, board shorts and board, the line makes use of Schoeller-dryskin and water repellent Aquastop fabrics whilst remaining wearable in your average non-surf situation. The collection is available at Norse Store at the link bellow the video presentation / interview with Thomas Meyerhoffer. For more information, visit also Isaora’s website.