THE SERIES II EXPEDITION TENT : Provides Shelter For You And Your Motorbike

If you enjoy camping out with your motorbike but would prefer that your pride and joy stays safely sheltered from the elements while you sleep, then the Series II Expedition Tent by Redverz Gear may be of interest. It has the capacity to house you, your motorbike, and a friend or two. When packed away into a carry bag, the three-season Series II Expedition Tent weighs 13 lbs (6 kg) and measures 10 x 21 inches (23 x 53 cm). However, once assembled, it’s quite sizable at 100 x 201 inches (254 x 510 cm) and makes for a surprisingly versatile shelter. The tent is manufactured from ripstop nylon, with a double wall designed to eliminate condensation.

There’s a mosquito and privacy door integrated, and the interior of the Series II Expedition Tent should provide enough room to sleep two people in comfort, or three at a squeeze. The garage bay area looks good for up to two motorbikes inside, and it also doubles up as a utility area for cooking. Judging by the video below, the Series II Expedition Tent enables all but the tallest of campers to stand fully upright – which should make it a little easier to get dressed in the mornings. The Series II Expedition Tent will set you back US$449.00. ( By Adam Williams from )