MOVEO : The Hungarian Electric Foldable Scooter By Antro

When you hear the term “folding electric scooter,” you likely think of a stand-up scooter along the lines of the Zümaround or the MyWay Compact. At best, you might picture something with a bicycle-style saddle and seatpost, such as the Voltitude. MOVEO, however, features a full traditional seat that’s mounted directly on the chassis. Although the scooter isn’t in production yet, it hopefully will be by next year. The vehicle was created by the Antro Group, a Hungarian non-profit organization dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly forms of transportation. Antro previously brought us the eye-catching SOLO human-electric hybrid car.

Work began on the MOVEO project in 2008. Five years later, a functioning prototype is on the road, and the group is seeking business partners to help fund commercial development of the scooter. In its present form, MOVEO weighs in at 25 kilograms (55 lbs), has a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph), and a battery range of 35 kilometers (21.75 miles) per charge – which takes one hour from empty. It’s propelled by in-wheel motors in both of its wheels. When users reach their destination, instead of having to look for a parking space, they take about two minutes to fold the scooter’s carbon-composite body in two.

It can then be pulled along via an integrated handle, and taken indoors like a suitcase. Because it has a “closed design” when folded, users are reportedly protected against coming into contact with its grubby bits. There are two scenarios for initial production of the scooter, which is hoped to begin at the start of next year at a plant in West Hungary. If sufficient funds are available, mass production will ensue, with 15,000 MOVEOs being produced annually.

Should less money be forthcoming, a medium-scale production run of 4,000 scooters a year will be more likely. “In the first case, the end user net price of Moveo would be US$3,100, in the second case this net price would be $4,600,” said Tamás Slezák, CEO of the MOVEO company, which was established to develop the scooter. “Most probably we will begin with medium scale production and after about a year ramp up for the bigger scale production.” He added that sales will initially take place via the internet. ( By Ben Coxworth from ) If you’re interested in getting on the waiting list to buy one of the first MOVEOs, you can email Antro at or visit the link bellow.