LNY: Street Art Between The Borders

Born in Equador, LNY is a New Jersey based street artist whose desire to work under an alias is a reflection of the importance he assigns to his narrative; his work, not referred to just his own single experience, is meant to talk about the whole human society. Working in between borders and fractures to create an environment of change that will allow to imagine possible, better and brighter futures, he creates lively murals in which movement, black and white drawing and pigmented colors collide creating an explosion of fantasy. About his work, he says: “I can’t say I have a vision of “Art” with a capital A. When I work I am thinking of ideas that add up to the project at hand, so I form a vision for each particular piece or project. Just like drawing in general, there is this immediacy to the act that I don’t quite control but ends up taking me somewhere interesting, when that happens it’s like the Death Star blowing up at the end of Return of the Jedi, brraaatttt!! So no, I don’t like to define art, not my own art or in general. Too much subterfuge and it’s something you have to experience, like live music. You ever read Pitchfork reviews and it’s all poetic and shit but you really can’t tell what the music sounds like until you hear it? That’s what art is like to me. Empirical.”