Once Nexiom had refined their wicked Power Slate ultra-slim battery, they needed some industrial designers to refine the product it would be a part of. After a successful Coroflot search that product is now ready: The AMPT Smart Bag is a sort of messenger bag/backpack hybrid capable of charging many gadgets at once. The vertically-oriented, sleekly profiled bag can take a laptop in one side…and tablets, phones, cables, and smaller gadgets on the other side. Inner sleeves take Power Slates to provide charging functionality, and the larger 1300 model has enough juice to get your laptop from zero to full.

The smaller 650 will be good enough to top off your smartphone, tablets et cetera. And yes, the AMPT can accommodate both slates, for the power-hungry. One cool design innovation is the way your smartphone is accommodated. The phone is arguably the thing you’d grab most often, so the company ensured it had a dedicated pocket on the outside, with a shaped indentation that the phone drops into: The company wanted the user to be easily able to grab the phone when it rings.

But they didn’t want the user to deal with the hassle of plugging and unplugging the cord each time. Think of those times when you’re on a crowded sidewalk waiting for an important call, did not hear the phone ring until the third or fourth time, and needed to instantly grab it. So they designed this unobtrusive little dongle that clicks into the bottom of your phone: The bottom of the dongle is actually magnetic. So when you drop the phone into its pocket…the dongle self-locates with the charging source in the bottom of the pocket.

The juice starts flowing without any further action on your part, and the little “I’m charging” noise your phone makes when connected to a power source provides positive feedback that it’s actually  happening. (If you’re paranoid, you can peel the flap back to see the charging icon is active on the phone’s surface.) Another nice touch is that the Power Slates themselves provide feedback.

A lit display on the edge of the Slates themselves tells you, at the press of a button, how much juice you’ve got left. One thing I would’ve liked to see is a handle on the top of the bag. The Nexiom reps point out that the bag is meant to be worn like a sling, hence no handle, but I’m hoping they change their mind and incorporate one. Both the Power Slate and the AMPT are production-ready, and Nexiom is seeking distributors. ( By Hipstomp from ) For more information, just follow the link bellow.