What happens to your old jeans that no longer fit? Sweden-based British artist Ian Berry better known as Denimu, works solely with jeans of varying shades of blue to create some truly incredible scenes of urban landscapes and the people that live in them. The artist’s “paintings” present a remarkable sense of color, shade, and shape. Unlike a traditional painter who can blend and bleed colors into one another with a simple brushstroke, Denimu has the more complex and laborious task of cutting out each hue to correspond to the varying tones in any given subject. Denimu first took to creating his denim art upon returning to his childhood home in Huddersfield, England where he was greeted with a pile of old jeans. Essentially, their fate would have been to end up in a charity or thrift store; however, the young artist saw an opportunity to repurpose the iconic fabric. He began experimenting with textiles, ultimately learning how to manipulate color and form with simple tools like bleach, stencils, and glue. Taking several weeks to complete, Denimu painstakingly cuts, stitches, and pastes each of his impressive works together. For more information or to get in touch with Denimu, just follow the link bellow.