There’s some disagreement among real-estate types as to precisely what neighborhood this is. But while the ink has yet to dry on that argument, Nolita now has its first boutique hotel. And a sharp one it is. There’s more than a whiff of classic, elegant Manhattan modernism about the place, along with an appropriately deep vein of downtown funk, which makes sense, as the architects are the same partnership responsible for the Hotel on Rivington. Very few New York hotel rooms can count sheer acreage among their strengths. The Nolitan’s rooms make the most of their space with simple floor plans, including wide-open bathrooms. It’s a crisp, clean look, with a focused palette and a bit of hardwood and raw concrete for some textural contrast, furnished with mid-century desk chairs and high-end contemporary pieces. J&S Food Hall is meant to be the social nexus, where the guests meet the locals and vice versa. But it’s yet to open. Until then there’s little danger of going hungry, located as you are at what’s more or less the confluence of SoHo, the East Village and the Lower East Side, not to mention Nolita itself, which, for the benefit of our out-of-town readers, happens to stand for “north of Little Italy.” Getting around town is easy enough, especially given the Nolitan’s fleet of loaner bikes and loaner skateboards, surely if not a first then a rare amenity at least . 5elected from ) For more information or reservations just follow the links bellow.