“I was trying to explain to someone recently how our trampoline tent worked and I suggested putting a piece on our blog for them to see. The trampoline tent comes as an accessory or it can we purchased with a trampoline in the combination set format by exchanging the safety enclosure for a trampoline tent. For best value though, it is best to purchase a tent together with a trampoline and safety enclosure as one of our ultimate deals. The trampoline tent comes with a set of flexible poles and some clamps that fit to the trampoline frame. The tent sits on top of the trampoline and can be installed in only about 10 minutes. If you already have one of our trampoline safety enclosures you will need to remove the netting and two upright poles in order to attach the tent clamps.

The tent also attaches to the trampoline frame with some simple ties. If the trampoline tent isn’t needed you simply untie the ties and let the tent fall to the side of the trampoline. The tent can be raised and lowered usually by the children themselves. A question I am often asked is “How do you bounce on the trampoline if there is a tent on it?” For those of you that have a trampoline already you will know that children use it for many other purposes than just for bouncing on, it often becomes their space for relaxing.

Young children may sit on it and play card games or have a tea party. Older children my use if for sun bathing or to do their home work on. The trampoline tent can make the trampoline into a den and allow the children to use it as a base even when it is raining or for shade on a hot sunny day. Very young children will not be able to bounce very high so can still use the trampoline and not hit their heads on the roof of the tent. The tent also acts as a safety enclosure in this situation. Probably the most fun is had by teenagers who use the tent for sleep overs, this is particularly popular with teenage girls.

The advantage over a normal tent is that the trampoline mat is more comfortable to sleep on so there is no need for a matress. Also, if is should rain (and the tents are quite shower proof) you will not wake up in a pool of water. The trampoline tents have two entrance door and four windows fitted with mesh. The tent can be purchased as an accessory on our site for all our trampoline sizes from 6ft upwards. The height of the tent in the centre is half of the diameter of the trampoline so, for instance, on a 12ft trampoline the tent is 6ft high in the centre”. ( By Atlantic Trampolines ). For more information follow the link bellow.