A common dilemma for expanding families in small spaces is what to do when the number of kids outpaces the number of bedrooms. Bunk beds are a popular and obvious solution, and rightly so. Going vertical is always a good option. But what if your small space cannot accommodate a traditional bunk bed setup? All is not lost. In fact, floor space is gained with the Double Murphy Bunk Bed.

We cannot remember having ever seen one of these before, so points go to Casa Kids and their Dumbo Double Murphy Bed, designed by Roberto Gil. He has created sleeping quarters for two that fold up into a small cabinet only 12″ deep. All of the moving parts are spaced in such a way to avoid pinched fingers, so it is safe for kids to deploy up and down, an act they will probably really get into.

And while the supports are strong enough for adults, the slightly narrower than twin mattresses (which are included) may be a bit snug for some folks. We realize that a $4,500 price tag may be tough to swallow, but if it allows you to stay put and not move to a larger place, it may be worth it to you. For more information just folow the link bellow.