Weddings can cause you to worry about a number of things especially when it comes to the objective of providing a pleasant environment to all your guests. Much as we want to have solemnity during the ceremony as well as the reception thereafter, it would certainly feel felicitous to keep it as memorable as can be. Part of the impact during this once in a lifetime event of the couple celebrating is the exquisiteness of the wedding cake decoration. This is going to be one of the hot topics as the how guests consider the general scenario. Funny wedding cake toppers when predefined to be made more personal and added with humor can make a whole lot of difference. It can be one of the most outstanding segments of the event that people will never forget and talk about even after the wedding celebration. So the funny wedding cake toppers should be well thought of. It must be one which shows the passion of the couple which can pertain to sports icons, movie flicks or favorite characters. Then you may provide a twist of humor in your preferred design yet making sure that it is never offensive. On the other hand, an alternative for the cake topper with a lot of varieties at a lower cost would lead you to search for it in online wedding stores and cake shops. In this manner, you have to be cautious to choose that which perfectly fits the motif. Here bellow we present you some ideas.