Before they’re old enough to tackle a 2-wheel bicycle, most young’ns start off on either a tricycle or a push bike. Neither of them require much in the way of balance skills, but the latter tends to be a bit more stylish. Ryan Callahan, an industrial designer at Trek, took a far different approach. Inspired by the sequel to TRON, the learning bike he created for the TrekWorld 2012 show looks like a miniature version of the light cycles seen on screen. Albeit with a raised set of handlebars to make it easier for kids to ride.

At this point it’s very regrettably still just a concept, and with the marketing push for the TRON sequel being over a long time ago, I have my doubts this will ever become a reality. Though with rumors that a third TRON movie could be a possibility, I’ll keep a small flame of hope alive that one day my kids will be tooling around the backyard on one, making impossibly tight 90-degree right and left hand turns. ( By Andrew Liszewski )