FLYGRIP: How To Use Your Mobile Device With One Hand

If you are always fumbling around trying to text on your smartphone with one hand, you might be interested in a new gadget called FlyGrip that has been specifically designed to provide a grip to help you text using just one hand. It’s a foldable plastic grip that sticks on the back of your smartphone or other device. Michael Karmatz, the founder of FLYGRIP, is a passionate and dedicated entrepreneur. Frustrated that he could not use his smartphone with one hand, he came up with the idea for FLYGRIP. Michael spent a year creating, testing, and perfecting FLYGRIP, before launching. Headquartered in New York, FLYGRIP has a small, yet dedicated team working around the clock to create new generations, colors, and accessories. The FlyGrip is now available to purchase directly from the FlyGrip store for $30 in a variety of colours. Watch the that explains you better this product and get more information at the link below.