THE OLYMPIANS By Joanna Kustra

The Olympians editorial by Joanna Kustra is a captivating series that captures models in revealing garments impersonating athletes from competing Olympic sports. The styling assistants Ludwika Arseniak and Monika Mista have vamped up typical Olympic bodysuits, and transformed these imitating athletes into supermodels. The sports that Joanna Kustra has represented includes body building, tennis, basketball, soccer, equestrian, swimming and more. The female bodybuilding athlete is dressed in a sequinned dress, and the equestrian model is captured riding another athlete wearing a feathered vest. This pictorial honors the Olympics, and it has a unique sexy twist that is refreshing and interesting. Joanna Kustra is a London-based photographer who is known for capturing delicate and vibrant photos. ( By Sarah Robson from ) To see more pictures or to get in touch with Jonna, just follow the link bellow.